Partner with a CFA Charterholder

Ask high-net-worth investors why they work with investment managers with the CFA designation after their names and they’ll tell you it’s because of their commitment and professionalism. That those letters represent their proven understanding of everything investment management. And that they apply strict ethical guidelines to every decision they make on behalf of clients while simultaneously putting their interests first. What does all of the above mean to high-net-worth-investors? It means they can rely on CFA charterholders to stay true to their financial goals. Because, for charterholders and their clients, those three letters are making a real difference every day.

Why Choose a Charterholder?

Partnering with a CFA charterholder means partnering with a professional with unparalleled expertise, integrity, and adaptability in the financial sector. It’s why the CFA designation is one of the most highly regarded credentials within the investment management profession.

What Guides a Charterholder?

  • A strict code of ethics and professional standards. A charterholder not only has the technical knowledge to make investment decisions but also adopts and is held to the highest ethical standards.
  • Global best practices and real-world experience. The CFA Program curriculum is based on an extensive and ongoing global practice analysis process, which ensures that the program stays current and relevant in relation to the ever-changing dynamics of global professional investment practice.
  • Breadth of knowledge and expertise. A comprehensive, global view and up-to-date practical skills give these investment professionals the tools and deep understanding necessary to effectively analyze the risks and rewards of a variety of investment types, enabling them to address a client’s specific investment needs.

Christine Phillpotts, CFA

“The CFA designation is equivalent to the oath doctors or lawyers take. It’s about being an investment professional who has the best interests of the clients at heart.”

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