Hire a CFA Charterholder

Anil Ghelani, CFA

“When evaluating two candidates, all else being equal, but one has the CFA designation, he’ll bring deeper knowledge and deeper ethics to your company.”

Ask firms why they hire investment managers with the CFA® designation after their names they’ll tell you it’s because of their commitment and professionalism. That those letters represent their proven understanding of everything investment management. And that they apply strict ethical guidelines to every decision they make on behalf of clients while simultaneously putting their interests first. What does all of the above translate to? It means institutions rely on CFA charterholders to help raise the overall integrity and credibility of the entire organization. Because, for charterholders and their employers, those three letters are making a real difference every day.

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Hiring a CFA charterholder means hiring a professional who has unparalleled expertise, integrity, and adaptability in the financial sector. It’s why the CFA designation is one of the most highly regarded credentials within the investment management profession.

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Guy-Charles Valois, CFA

“Being a CFA charterholder is about seeing the bigger picture. You’re not just working for yourself but also for the good of the industry.”

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