A Difference That Matters

A CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) designation is a badge of distinction. It represents a deep knowledge of all things investing, a commitment to ethics, and a passion for always putting investors first. All of which make our members unparalleled professionals who are fully engaged in raising the standards of the investment management industry.

Why It Matters

Three simple letters that mean so much more than the words behind them.

Ask any one of the 125,000 charterholders around the world who’ve earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and they’ll proudly tell you why they put those letters at the end of their names. They’ll tell you that it’s the most rigorous certification program for investment managers.

  • That it gives them a comprehensive and proven understanding of investment management.
  • That it demands strict ethical guidelines when dealing with investors while always putting their interests first.
  • That employers feel reassured because of a charterholder’s ability to understand clients.
  • That developing markets rely on charterholder expertise to help shape policy and regulations for emerging economies.

But what our charterholders will speak most glowingly about is how complete they feel as investment management professionals. How well-equipped they are to navigate the uncertainties of the financial world. And how committed they are to raising the standards of the investment management industry. Because, for them, those three letters make a real difference.

CFA Institute
A Difference That Matters™

For Investors

brand_campaign_partner_upBy partnering with a CFA charterholder, you’re partnering with an investment manager who always puts investors first — someone with proven knowledge and who’s fully equipped to navigate the uncertainties of the financial world.

Learn more about partnering with a CFA charterholder

For Institutions

By hiring a CFA charterholder, you’re hiring someone with unparalleled financial knowledge and the communication skills to convey even the most complicated financial matters to your clients — you’re hiring someone who’ll contribute to the integrity and credibility of your organization.

Learn more about hiring a CFA charterholder

Defining the Difference

What distinguishes a CFA charterholder from the rest of the financial industry? Our Chartered Financial Analysts explain why they chose to add “CFA” to the end of their name and how becoming a charterholder made a huge impact on their career, their life, and their community.

Leila Lee, CFA

“For investors to have trust in the people who they’re handing over their money to is incredibly important. You know, it’s everything. And CFA Institute is one great way of elevating the standards of the industry, so that our clients can trust us and ensure that we are putting their interests first.”

Maria Abbonizio, CFA

“Always look at the interest of investors and putting that first.”

Anubhuti Gupta, CFA

“It was really the CFA program that taught me how you can do the best for your clients (clients instead of client) and put them first.”

Luiz Ribeiro, CFA

“Employers start to recognize you as a person with a code of conduct who adheres to the highest ethical standards.”

Hong Hao, CFA

“The CFA designation is a token of my expertise.”

Márcia Sadzevicius, CFA

“Since obtaining my designation, I can now have high level discussions with industry analysts.”

Richard Brandweiner, CFA

“If we can invest in ways that focus on genuine, long-term value creation, if we can avoid speculation, if we can hold true to the ideals that CFA Institute represents, the ideals that are espoused by CFA charterholders, we will take a very significant step, starting to regain the trust of our stakeholders and using the work that we do to make a real difference to the world at large.”

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