2009 Forecast Dinner

2009 Market Forecast Dinner

Thursday February 26th 2009

5pm-6pm: Reception / Cocktail Hour

6pm-7pm: Dinner

7pm-8:30pm: Panel

The Austin Club
110 East Ninth Street


The election of Barack Obama puts an exclamation point on a year of significant change and economic upheaval.

The challenges facing investors are many. The credit crisis, which became acute in the final quarter of 2008, pushed an already contracting U.S. economy deeper into recession.   Consumers and investor are now concerned how long and far will the economy contract.  The theory of de-coupled markets has been completely refuted.   How will the recession in the U.S. and most parts of Europe extend to the one bright spot in global growth – emerging markets?

While economic uncertainty abounds, $3.3 trillion of investible capital sits on the sidelines, seemingly waiting for a catalyst to jump back into financial assets. At the same time, Warren Buffett says valuation levels are the best he’s seen them in years.

Join a panel of experts as they address these and other key investment and economic issues of the day.


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